Liane Cordes
Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential.

Why use a Business Coach?

  • You know you are doing certain jobs without the desired effect and know you should be doing things differently
  • You have something significant to do and want to ensure it gets done properly
  • You have got into a `rut` or have stalled and need to get out of it
  • You know that something is `missing` in how you or your staff get things done
  • You are successful in your own right and understand the benefits of an objective, independent ear
  • You need to keep a separation between you and your staff in certain matters where Business Coaching provides an independent sounding board for you
  • You have teams, departments or individuals in your business who are not achieving the desired results

What form does Business Coaching take?

Coaching is undertaken for a period of 6 months where you or your staff member meets with me twice a month.  Coaching is carried out over 12 consecutive sessions.

 Executive Coaching

Coaching the owner, managing director or senior manager on an individual basis where we focus on strategy, leadership and management styles

 Individual Coaching

Coaching a person on an individual basis where a specific set of goals are specified or where it is felt the individual will derive benefit if coached on their own

Team Coaching
Coaching in a team environment where there is a common goal – this can be done in conjunction with individual coaching

What does a Business Coach do?

I will help you to identify what really needs to get done in order for you to achieve your goal
I will work with you to establish a strategy with appropriate actions that will get the right results from you and your staff
I will guide you through the stages of the learning cycle until there is a practical outworking of the set actions
I will help identify habits, attitudes and blockages along the way that are causing you or your staff to stall
I will establish a form of accountability with you that ensures that you stay focused on what needs to get done and by when
I will allow you to find ways that are `right` for you and your staff to get to the intended outcome


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